Credit and Compliance

Keeping your dealership running smoothly and compliant has always been challenging. Our tool embeds compliance checks into your workflow so your business stays efficient and helps with your compliance processes.

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Saving You Time and Money

Ace Compliance Checks

Being out of compliance with just one deal could be a costly mistake. Our credit and compliance solutions save your dealerships day in and day out.

Speed Up Your Sales

Set your dealership up for success in today’s digital world. Our technology eliminates the need for data double-entry and streamlines the entire sales process.

Optimize Your Operations

Leave the days of manual entry behind you. Our digital sales tools help your dealership run like a well-oiled machine.

Credit and Compliance Features

Your dealership has a lot on its plate. That’s why we’re constantly creating credit solutions that help auto retailers work smarter and more efficiently.

Transfer Data Directly

Send credit applications directly to the lender from your DMS. Whether working with a potential buyer in F&I or using CDK Credit, our credit application integration streamlines your entire operation.

Compliance Scorecard

Get detailed customer compliance information, including credit authorization, disclosure, OFAC matches and red flags — all delivered in an easy-to-read report.

Know Every Deal's Compliance

Don’t miss a sale. Every deal is tracked by our tool without any user intervention, ensuring no deal falls through the cracks.

Security Comes First

Your buyers expect you to keep their financial data safe. That’s why our credit solutions continue to evolve to maintain the highest security standards. After all, trust is the root of a relationship.

Upgrade Your Sales Process

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