CDK Neuron Performance Suite

Our insights and data-driven solution helps improve outcomes for OEMs and drives dealer success.

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Accurate, Actionable Data

Drive actionable insights from advanced analytics with CDK Neuron Performance Suite. We collect industry data and connect it with 350 automotive sources to convert it into market-focused opportunities.

Intelligent Insights

Our data science and AI engine intelligently searches for correlations, forecasts operational performance and builds benchmarks to improve retail and wholesale outcomes and use data to drive results.

Workflow-Driven Tools

Leverage accessible and concise reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to help you drive success.

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Great information at your fingertips. The ability to compare our store to the district and region has been especially valuable.

Dennis Carlin, COO
All Star Automotive Group
Baton Rouge, LA

Performance Suite Features

Give your OEM field teams the tools they need to rapidly deploy profitable, efficient and timely business changes.

Intelligence Built-In

Our intelligent engine scours data for correlations and seamlessly generates recommendations using built-in machine learning to bubble up personalized recommendations that help solve negative trends.

Data Turned Into Action

Convert data into action with Neuron Performance Suite. Dealers can now hone their sales approach with intelligent data, personalized insights and smart analytics that drive results.

Productive Dealer Visits

We give you the tools to customize staff coaching, identify next steps and lock down sales. Your Sales team can focus on building relationships instead of focusing on spreadsheets

Capture Notes

Our digital Notebook is your on-the-spot data launchpad. Capture notes about KPIs, track their progress and get automatic updates with a virtual dashboard, specific to each dealership.

Data-Driven Intelligence Gets Results

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