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Embedding Insurance Makes Buying Easy

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As dealerships are looking to upgrade their current processes, they want modern solutions that solve issues for their Sales department. Common pain points include sales people leaving customers unattended while working on their deal and staff needing to rekey information between systems. With CDK Salty, you can address those pain points while giving the customer an opportunity to buy and save money on insurance.

Free Your Sales Staff

When a customer is in the showroom, they expect the Salesperson to be their wingman throughout the entire process. Often the customer is left waiting while the staff works with managers on numbers for the vehicle of interest. A recent CDK Global study showed that when customers were left alone waiting for 30 minutes or more, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the dealership dropped nearly 50%. When customers aren’t engaged, they’re less likely to leave the store feeling satisfied and taken care of. Salty allows you to keep the customer engaged and reduce the time spent waiting to finalize their purchase — all while potentially saving them money.

Salty Makes Selling Easy

Working your leads within the dealership is a vital starting point to the sales process. This is where information is gathered, and the dealership starts to create customer engagement. Without a smooth data flow between systems, customers can feel frustrated with a piecemeal approach and your staff experiences the pain point of rekeying valuable information. In a recent CDK study, 50% of dealerships said that lack of integration is their biggest pain point. Salty is embedded as part of CDK solutions, which makes it easy to use. Combining the CDK Modern Retail suite with Salty creates an innovative and efficient sales process with increased customer satisfaction.

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Austin Kohlieber
By Austin Kohlieber
Product Marketing Manager

Austin Kohlieber is a product marketer at CDK Global. He is currently focused on products for the CDK Modern Retail suite.