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How Integrating Insurance can Benefit Dealers

How Integrating Insurance can Benefit Dealers

Computer software integrations are the backbone of any dealership’s operations. The programs and platforms are essential for running a business, and how they communicate with each other is key. This includes every function — from listing new inventory and desking a sale to servicing the consumer’s car. Embedding insurance in the Sales process requires the same technology. In the latest CDK Global friction point study, 84% of dealers used digital retailing, but only 30% admitted they leverage technology in the dealership. To make the right choice of platform or integration, there are three important components to consider: accuracy, responsiveness and efficiency.

Accurate Data Is Key

The first key component is accuracy. Without accurate data, the dealership’s process can be easily derailed. For example, if you’re desking a deal with the CRM and data in the DMS is not accurate, then the potential sale gets bumped to F&I. As a result, time is lost, the consumer experience is negatively impacted, and the dealership staff loses productivity when they have to audit the deal again between systems.

The same scenario can be applied to insurance. With seamless integration, you can trust that your data is accurate between platforms. If the consumer can’t easily purchase the insurance they need to drive the car off the lot, frustration sets in. CDK Salty® Embedded Insurance makes the addition of auto coverage easy and keeps the customer in a successful car-buying journey.

Get the Right Response

Another issue is responsiveness. When adding or editing information in one system, is there a seamless flow across platforms? Without a smooth, reliable data flow, dealers and consumers both experience a significant pain point. A responsive integration allows Sales staff to spend more time more time with customers, rather than having to leave the floor to rekey information. Salty integrates with CDK Drive and CDK Elead CRM to help ensure the customer has auto insurance secured and can complete the car buying process.

Stop the Repetition and Make the Sale

Finally, let’s look at efficiency. A typical dealership employee’s desk has double computer monitors surrounded by sticky notes with logins and passwords. At any given time, these employees will also have five or more windows open on their browser to access various systems they need. Integrations that offer embedded functionality can save time, reduce repetition and end the hunt for the right information. Having a unified solution cuts the car-buying process by two hours, according to a recent CDK study. Salty Embedded Insurance saves time by giving your staff what they need quickly and easily. Your customers have a great experience and can drive away in their new vehicle.

CDK Salty Embedded Insurance and our Modern Retail suite provides everything you need to run your dealership seamlessly.

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Austin Kohlieber
By Austin Kohlieber
Product Marketing Manager

Austin Kohlieber is a product marketer at CDK Global. He is currently focused on products for the CDK Modern Retail suite.