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Roadster’s automotive live chat experts use your Express Store features to instantly engage customers in conversations that lead to sale opportunities.

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Express Store Live helps ensure deal-making activities like finalizing a credit application, submitting a trade-in and starting an order are completed, and our live chat team guides customers through it.


Customers can easily find inventory and and transactional pricing to build car deals and complete the checkout process.


Customers who chat on Express Store Live are more likely to submit a lead in your Express Store, complete a credit application and place a vehicle order than customers who don’t.

Fully Loaded

Express Store Live comes equipped with best-in-class car dealer chat features.

Seamless Integration Options

Express Store Live allows customers to initiate a chat on your native website and third-party apps (at no extra charge) to seamlessly continue the conversation on your Express Store.

Lightning-Fast Response

Our automotive experts respond to customers’ questions within 30 seconds, reducing the chance of customer drop-off.

Store-Level Chat

With Express Store Live, sales agents have the ability to view and take over active conversations. They can also use it to privately communicate with the automotive expert answering the chat.

After-Hours Assistance

Our live team is available to respond to customers during and after your standard business hours — including late evenings, when deal-making activity still occurs.

Live Automotive Experts

Learn how Express Store Live uses live automotive experts to help customers complete more deal-making activities.

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