CDK Data Export and Import Tools

Give your team more data sharing choices with CDK Data Export and Import Tools — a suite of tools that delivers more advanced and secure data to all CDK systems.

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Elevate Your Data Sharing Choices

Advance Security

Incorporate more secure data practices throughout your dealership with data solutions that adhere to the highest security standards.

Boost Team Resources

Equip your team with innovative assets to construct functional data solutions and elevate output with APIs that are workflow-designed and driven.

Anticipate Future Needs

Invest in a system of dynamic CDK software and platforms that provides the right solutions now, which can expand as your company grows and meet your ever-evolving business needs.

Define Import/Export Opportunities

Go beyond standard functionality with a data system tailored to your needs and get the ever-evolving data tool you truly require.

Ensure Data Safety

Work with peace of mind. Thanks to PGP encryption and improved MFA security, dealers can now have the advanced data protection they deserve.

Control the Data Schedule

Provide your team with a tool that allows them to schedule exports of predefined data sets to a SFTP Folder, quickly and easily.

Power Data-Driven Results

Start using CDK APIs to deliver on-demand extract, or writeback, of data to power the in-house applications that help you run your business.

Extract Writeback Data

Increase efficiency and output while using the CDK API packages — extract or writeback data across all your: vehicle, sales, service, parts, customer and accounting data.

Put Powerful Data Choices To Work

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