CDK Elead Equity Data Mining

Generate leads for car sales by increasing opportunities. CDK Elead Equity Data Mining helps do it faster, with higher grossing profits from leads already in a position to purchase.

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Better Leads Mean Faster Sales

Provide actionable data and alerts to identify customers most likely to buy today and reengage them with strategic offers.

Sell to Current Customers

When you mine your database for existing customers in an equity position, you can sell more without spending more. It’s ultimately cost-effective to sell to a current customer than to acquire a new one.

Leverage Your Database

If your equity mining software doesn’t integrate with your CRM, you’ll double your efforts on data entry. Be sure you have access to the history and information crucial to providing an unprecedented buying experience.

Increase Inventory

Acquiring used cars at auction is expensive and risky. Help your dealership by acquiring preowned inventory at a lower cost.

How Automotive Equity Mining Software Helps Your Business

Loyalty and Retention

Retention starts by knowing your customers and engaging them at the right time with messages that elicit action.

More Service Opportunities

Service business fuels dealerships. Keep your Service lanes full consistently by knowing which customers are in a position for repairs.

Increase Sales Opportunities

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