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Consumer Relationships Feel the Excitement of CDK Roadster

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Over the past decade, retailers from every industry have undergone an end-to-end digital transformation, providing simplicity, convenience and frictionless shopping experiences. Consumers have only grown in their love of digital shopping. And automotive dealers who follow this trend and embrace online interactions are now reaping the benefits.

The rite of passage moves online

Cars are still the second largest purchase people make, but some of this rite of passage is happening online. According to a survey performed by CarMax, 49% of customers have stated that they would be comfortable buying from a direct-to-consumer model, and 44% are open to buying online and picking up at the dealership. The dealers who make it easy for them are the ones who become most desirable.

Today’s Customers Are Courted Through Technology

One example of a brand that's doing it right is Apple and its tightly controlled customer experience. Every time a customer interacts with an Apple device or its software, they’re interacting with a meticulously devised, thoughtful, unified experience.

The same can be said for dealerships that meet their customers online using CDK Roadster. The numbers back it up: Dealers who use CDK Roadster report twice as much online engagement as the industry average.

Whether it’s through marketing websites, manufacturer applications or the in-store dealership experience, it’s imperative that dealers work seamlessly across all touchpoints and excel in their delivery. This omnichannel approach is quickly becoming the only way to ensure a memorable customer experience and turn a customer into a loyal partner.

Happiness Is Spending Quality Time Together

Another important part of relationship-building is time. Gen Z, which will represent 27% of the workforce by 2025, wants a balance: while their biggest qualm is time spent in the dealership, only 19% want to get through the car purchase quickly. 81% state that they want to take their time to understand their options during a purchase.

This is reflected by consumers overall, who like shopping side by side with their salesperson when they come into the dealership. What they don’t like is being left alone. Every time an agent leaves a customer alone, satisfaction declines.


CDK Roadster Keeps the Romance Alive

As the industry’s only complete digital platform, Roadster gives consumers the freedom to take care of a lot of the details online, which reduces their time left alone at the dealership. That’s because Roadster comes with everything you need to connect online as well as in the showroom — creating a seamless, omnichannel relationship. A relationship that makes the experience much more exciting.

Through it all, customers begin to build a connection with both the brand and the dealership from the beginning. When dealership staff greets the customer and resumes the customer-initiated deal wherever it left off, whether on the web or in the showroom, the connection gets stronger and deals progress quicker. The experience becomes focused on the customer and their questions instead of on potentially draining negotiations.

This online transparency translates to increased trust, greater customer satisfaction and higher sales. What’s not to love about that?

Click here to learn more about how CDK Roadster can enhance your dealership’s buying and selling experience.

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Steven Walker
By Steven Walker
Sr Product Marketing Mgr

Steven Walker is a senior product marketing manager with CDK Roadster. With a background in automotive CRM and Digital Retail consulting, he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities car dealerships are facing today. Steven aims to help dealerships with implementing strategies that optimize their operations, streamline their sales processes, and ultimately drive revenue growth in order to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.