CVR Simplifies Title and Registration

CVR (Computerized Vehicle Registration) brings leading technology to electronic titling and registration to improve your customer experience and compliance operations.

Computerized Vehicle Registration

CVR Helps You Stay Compliant

CVR is more than a solution — they're a trusted partner to help keep you compliant with the latest DMV regulations.

Happier Customers

Quick and easy registration gets your customer in, out and on the road. This simple solution could help improve your dealership’s customer satisfaction rating and the likelihood of repeat shoppers.

Seamless and Secure DMS Integration

CVR seamlessly pulls data from your CDK DMS, speeding up the title registration process and saving your customers from costly fees due to manual data entry errors.

CVR Helpful Features

CVR helps make the car-buying experience easier by connecting customers and dealers with the most intelligent digital titling and registration solutions in every state.

Automated Registration

Mail is unpredictable. Provide reliable service by eliminating the need to mail in registration. With CVR, shoppers can drive away with a completely registered vehicle the same day they buy it.

Easy Funds Transfer

Make getting a title and registration a seamless process by transferring funds instantly. As a result, you can avoid the blank checks typically issued and recover the processing costs.

Bonus DMV Resources

CVR also allows dealers to check DMV records on trade-ins, including information about liens, ownership history and registration stops.

Keep Records Up to Date

With in-store registration, you can easily keep accurate customer records because CVR pulls data from your DMS.

CVR Just Makes Sense

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