CDK MenuVantage Platinum

Increase your sales and customer satisfaction. CDK MenuVantage Platinum uses predictive analytics so your F&I team can thoughtfully present personalized product add-ons.

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Better Serve Their Needs

Your buyers probably don’t know what’s available until they hear it. Our technology automatically matches products to customers based on their unique needs.

Increase Your Profits

We don’t have to tell you that the F&I department is where you make money. Investing in this tool helps your team sell more add-ons and build a more profitable business.

Does the Work for You

Your F&I team has a short time to close the deal. Our tool helps you save time by automatically creating a personalized presentation for each customer.

MenuVantage Platinum Features

Our dealers and their buyers’ needs are what matter most. We designed this tool so everyone gets the most from their transactions.

Show Them What They Need

Save the lengthy sales pitches. Instead, with just a bit of the buyer’s info, our MenuVantage Platinum instantly creates personalized presentations with the add-ons your customer is most likely to buy.

Flexible for Customers and Dealers

Whether you sell from one, two or four columns — or via a tablet, paper or remotely — MenuVantage Platinum works for your dealership.

Powerful Sales Tools

We've packaged MenuVantage Platinum with custom sales tools designed to appeal to your customer's needs, making them less likely to say no.

Sell in the Service Lane

With optional enhancements, you can start selling menu products to every customer who comes into your Service lane. Easily recall customer information through a Repair Order integration and create a whole new revenue opportunity.

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